North Hills Clinic: 5 Ways To Improve Patient Care

The type of health care facility that you decide to look for medical care will determine the quality of care services you will get. If you have just suffered a minor injury or you are coming down with the flu, you need to rush to an urgent care clinic. Urgent care clinics are always open even when your primary physician has closed his or her office. Urgent care North Hills clinics also offer reliable healthcare crevices for patients who need time-sensitive medical care services.  You can rely on urgent care Granada Hills centers to help you improve your health. Apart from offering convenient healthcare services at reasonable rates, urgent care centers also offer essential healthcare services. These services include cancer screening services such as Pap Smear, school and camp physicals, and pre-employment clearance tests. In this article, we are going to look at various ways that urgent care North Hills Clinic can help you to improve your health. Keep on reading to gain more understanding.

Ways to Improve Your Health at an Urgent Care Clinic 

Quick response 

Reputable urgent care centers such as urgent care granada hills Clinic offer credible services to help you improve your health. They do this by offering immediate health care services. When you are seeking medical services, you don’t have to wait long hours like in the emergency rooms. 

Offering cancer screening services

Cancer screening services such as the Pap Smear test help patients detect precancerous cells that can cause cervical cancer early so that they can seek treatment early and improve their health. Pap Smear tests are usually performed on women between 21 to 65 years at an interval of 2.5 to 3 years. 

Carrying out EKG tests 

The heart is an essential organ in the human body because it ensures that every part of the body is sufficiently supplied with oxygenated blood. In other words, it pumps blood throughout the body continuously. EKG tests are performed to detect any issues that affect the heart. 

Offering convenient medical care services 

If you require immediate health care services for medical conditions and injuries that are not life-threatening, urgent care North Hills Clinics are the best option. Your primary care provider may not be around every time you need health care services. For example, during closing hours, weekends, or holidays.

Offering affordable care services

The reason why many people prefer seeking medical care services from urgent care clinics is that they offer affordable health care services. Whether you have health insurance or not, the amount of money you are going to pay at an urgent care clinic is just a fraction of what you would pay at an emergency room. 


You really need to consider seeking medical care services from urgent care clinics because of the benefits they offer. These benefits help you to improve your health as a patient. Those who cannot afford to pay health care insurance have a chance to access high-quality healthcare services from urgent care North Hills Clinic by paying low rates for healthcare services. Since operating hours at urgent care clinics are extended, patients are not left out when they come to seek medical treatment.